Saturday, November 2, 2013

X11 Updated to 2.10

* Tempo automation was out of time...Fixed
* Noise Osc Ticker Send not routed properly.. Fixed
* PM Mod was 1 step out of time..Fixed
* Delay Mod was 1 step out of time..Fixed

Saturday, October 26, 2013

X11 Updated to 2.09

* New timer installed to fix rise in CPU usage.
* Clock start/finish controls fixed. These are now built in to the timer,
   and give accurate results, so if you set a section to loop, the loop
   will be accurate.
  Also at clock finish, it will always restart at 1, and not 0, avoiding that
  'zero' part where nothing is happening.
* Ticker send for Wave Osc 'wave' Selection fixed.
* Ticker send for Wave Osc Vol fixed.

* Another bug found in pre-set system. One connection was doubled,
  causing some wrong values to go into preset system.
  If you are running previous version, these wrong values will be in the
  X11 data folder, and when you install the 2.09 update, naturally the X11
  will load those "wrong values" back in.

So, before installing the 2.09 update, either..
A:  delete 'triggers.txt' from the X11 data Folder...or
B:  just delete X11 data Folder

    Sorry if you loose any great presets in the process.....
    Preset system still in a type of 'beta' stage..but running with no issues now.

   Development of the X11 is at its last stages.....

   Only one more update planned....mostly graphics related...

Thursday, October 10, 2013


* Preset System fixed.

The fix was in the heart of the preset system, so.....
The 2.06 "X11Data" folder is obsolete, as this is a 'new' system.
If you have a "X11Data" Folder, delete it before install.)
Note: This is a 'one-off' request...In future, the "X11Data" Folder is not to be
deleted as it holds all your saved data.
The X11 will automatically load any data found in the X11Data Folder,
so, to be on the safe side,  it's better the 2.06 X11data folder be deleted,
as the system is slightly different.
* I created about a dozen quick presets, they are nore like small 'tutorials'..
  where the preset will have only  a few things on, so new users can see
 how individual parts of the synth work.
  * If in "host/user" mode, and you switch to other Seq's, all on/off
switch's are turned off, as this is the default for the other seq's.
So your current preset will diss-appear. It's not a bug.  If needed,
get your preset back be re-selecting it in the main index (or list).
 * The following is not possible..
Saving a preset in host/user mode, with any of the 4 Mods routed
to Port or Gate. X11 will turn the mod off, and leave the Port or
Gate Modules in the synth 'ON' instead.
While this can't be saved in host/user can still be used....    

*THE Sub Preset System:

  What does that really mean...???
  The whole Preset System can be controlled in sections...
Throughout the synth, you will find small up/down selectors like these..
Sub_Preset selectors
These allow you to mix-up your presets and
easily create new ones.
To create with it, select the Program number you
wish to save at, in the "Master Preset Module".
Then flick through the sub-presetselectors and hit
 save when done. Everything will now be saved at
 the program number that was selected.


* Added into the master Preset module is a button called "R".
   It will give you a random title for the preset if your stuck.

 * Matrix Shifter/Randomization
* Using the knob will shift the whole matrix array...
* The Button will give a random array shift...
This is something I've always wanted, because the current
"Random triggers" always fills the trigger up too much...
Hit it, and the matrix is always 70% + full up...
So the shift can be seen as a different form of random,
 where no new triggers are created, it's just shifting what's already there.
So If you use "shift" to randomize a sparse arrangement..
you will get back a  sparse arrangement..


* Kill/Re-load triggers button behavior fixed .

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


* Some bugs found in new preset system
* Preset system is under re-development and currently un-available...

Sunday, September 29, 2013



* More than 700,000 un-nessesary parts were removed, making the X11
  a faster and lighter.


                        NEW PRESET SYSTEM

*  999 Program slots.
* Everything in X11 can now be saved..!!
   (except wave files in wave osc if loaded by user...)
* 1-Click system....with no manual file loading....all your work is
   loaded automaticly when re-started.
* Also features a 'sub-preset' system in some of the larger modules
* Create normal synth presets
* Create compositional presets
* Create  presets that randomly change with time
* Create new presets quickly with the 'sub preset' system
* Host Sync Button
* Arp module added to 'Host/User' Mode
* New 'send' selector in Ticker section.
* Info page
* Clear Audio Control
* Default Seq behaviour Control
* Freestyle Mode Control

* New Arp mode
* New 'Shift" control
* New 'Random' control
** The 10 slots in 4 Note Seq don't need to be saved done for you..


* Osc 1 and 2 behaviours were fixed, so that after Osc modulation the Wave selector's
   are returned to the initial user selection.
*  and also, so that after Osc Automation the Sin/Saw  selector's are returned to the
   initial user selection.
* Bug in Matrix master division selector fixed
* Rotation can now be used without sending a modulator to it.


Saturday, June 29, 2013



* Stage 1 of major re-build Completed.
*Timing system re-built and bussed through whole very accurate.
*Wave seq and 4 Note seq re-built
*The 4 Mods re-built
* Available as Vst Plug-In or Standalone

Thursday, June 6, 2013

X11 Updated to 2.04

*X11 is currently being re-built from scratch and at the moment, is only available as
VST Plug -in.
* Host Tempo fix.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

X11 Updated to 2.03

* Tempo bugfix

*Wave Seq removed
*Draw Seq removed
*Scale Seq removed
*Tick Signal to the 4 Mods adjusted

X11 has been stripped down to eliminate any errors
X11 is now getting  its first Major Re-build, to suit the new platform it's running on.

Friday, May 24, 2013

X11 Updated to 2.01

New stuff....
* 4 Note Seq, 10 save/load slots, with 2 options for automation
* Amp Envelope Matrix trigger
* Mixer
* New Wave OSC, 10 Waves, with 2 options for automation
* Ticker Section Rebuilt, each ticker  now has 32 sends available
* New  Mod Rate controls  in Reverb,Chorus and flanger
* User controls to set both preset amp envelopes
* Seq Select is now available via Ticker send
* Cutoff is now available via Ticker send

* Eq Mod
* Display window
* Tutorial window
* Ear Trainer
* Data window
* Arp seq


Mod rate Options

New ticker module

New Wave Osc

Envelope options for matrix control

matrix trigger for Amp Envelope

New 4 Note Sequencer


Monday, May 13, 2013

Version 2.0 BUG REPORT

The EQ MOD, can cause the synth to crash.

Please ensure it is TURNED OFF in TWO Places.......

In the matrix section, and in the EQ Mod itself.

 It has been removed from the 2.01 Update, soon to be released.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

X11 2.0 UPDATE

X11 has been Updated to 2.0

* New Timing System- 100% Accurate
7 Ways to generate notes

Ticker send option to control arp sequence

Display output so you can see exactly what your doing

Wednesday, February 13, 2013



*  Sync problem in EQ Mod.
*  Flanger not fully connected.
*  String redraw problem in matrix modules from the change in Mod send.
*  String redraw  from matrix modules to not connected to "Display" or "Data" Modules.
*  X Box module graphics fix.
*  X Box module parameters "Start" and "Osc" not connected.
*  Phase Modulation  not working properly in Mods 1 to 4
*  Wavetables were still on while not in use.
*  Gate not connected properly.
*  Delay master control couldn't switch to 4/4
*  Delay "Feedback" and "Volume" controls not connected to Ticker sends.
*  False trigger to LFO On/off swith from LFO Matrix trigger option selection.
*  "SeqPhase" and "SeqSample" not recieveing signal from Master clear control.
*  Matrix trigger modules "16 Divsion" output incorrect.
*  Matrix trigger modules "16 Divsion" visuals incorrect.

New Stuff

* New Interface for the EQ Mod
* New Stereo Rotation Module ( by Dozius)
* New Mod send and Matrix trigger option for Rotation
* New Random button on all 16 division triggers
* New Option for Seq 2 Line width
* New Compressor Module ( by Julian Gantner)
* New Matrix Trigger for Compressor
* New button to select Timeline numbers division.

* Seq depth control hidden in Seq 3 mode
* Format trigger moved back to matrix
* Tutorial page changed.
* Flanger matrix trigger is gone
* Option to send to saw osc from Mods 1 to 4 is gone. (can still use the tickers for this)