Wednesday, February 13, 2013



*  Sync problem in EQ Mod.
*  Flanger not fully connected.
*  String redraw problem in matrix modules from the change in Mod send.
*  String redraw  from matrix modules to not connected to "Display" or "Data" Modules.
*  X Box module graphics fix.
*  X Box module parameters "Start" and "Osc" not connected.
*  Phase Modulation  not working properly in Mods 1 to 4
*  Wavetables were still on while not in use.
*  Gate not connected properly.
*  Delay master control couldn't switch to 4/4
*  Delay "Feedback" and "Volume" controls not connected to Ticker sends.
*  False trigger to LFO On/off swith from LFO Matrix trigger option selection.
*  "SeqPhase" and "SeqSample" not recieveing signal from Master clear control.
*  Matrix trigger modules "16 Divsion" output incorrect.
*  Matrix trigger modules "16 Divsion" visuals incorrect.

New Stuff

* New Interface for the EQ Mod
* New Stereo Rotation Module ( by Dozius)
* New Mod send and Matrix trigger option for Rotation
* New Random button on all 16 division triggers
* New Option for Seq 2 Line width
* New Compressor Module ( by Julian Gantner)
* New Matrix Trigger for Compressor
* New button to select Timeline numbers division.

* Seq depth control hidden in Seq 3 mode
* Format trigger moved back to matrix
* Tutorial page changed.
* Flanger matrix trigger is gone
* Option to send to saw osc from Mods 1 to 4 is gone. (can still use the tickers for this)

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