Saturday, December 8, 2012

X11 Updated to 1.31

Matrix trigger module's Step control-Fixed
Ticker Section 10 division output-Fixed

New Controls:
New "Clear Active Triggers" button and "Master matrix Control"

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

X11 Updated to 1.30


Vst Mode Fixed
Osc 2 Sync Fixed
Kill/Re-Load Trigger's Control Fixed
Lfo Matrix Trigger Option Fixed
Wave Mod Wave Select 5 and 6 Fixed
False trigger cause by 10/25 Tempo switch Fixed
False triggers in PM Mod Fixed
False triggers in Matrix Tempo Fixed


Formant Trigger downsized and moved to Filter Module.

New Stuff

Show/Hide matrix conctrol ( for VST Mode)
Another "Clear Audio" control ( for VST Mode)
New Trigger: Flanger

Sunday, December 2, 2012

X11 Updated to 1.29
New PM Mod

Morph Section re-Designed

New triggers

New Mode: 11X-Normal Synth Mode.

New  Modules: PM. PM MOD(Display window)
New Triggers : PM. Sine/Saw.
New Ticker Sends: PM Depth/ Formant/Seq 1Wave Select(…is a Wave Mod)
New Mode: X11 or 11X
New Controls: Disable matrix Trigger(Osc 1)
                        Toggle CPU meter or New Note Display(Seq).
                        X/Fader Default Volume(Filter)
                        Default Tempo(matrix tempo section)
                        LFO & LFO Sample Mod Matrix trigger Control
                        Morpth & Morph Mod Mod Matrix trigger Control
                        Default Morph Mod Wave control

Bugfix’s: Seq 3 Target Knob fixed
                Seq 3 output fixed
                Ticker release send fixed
                Osc Bank Control fixed
                Morph Section Fixed
                Wave Mod  “On reset” fixed so it only triggers on reset