Tuesday, May 28, 2013


*Wave Seq removed
*Draw Seq removed
*Scale Seq removed
*Tick Signal to the 4 Mods adjusted

X11 has been stripped down to eliminate any errors
X11 is now getting  its first Major Re-build, to suit the new platform it's running on.


  1. Thx for alle the updates and bugfixes!

  2. Have you deleted the tutorial from the VSTi?

  3. Is there midi implementation except for osc port on/off ?

  4. Sorry for delay in reply....real busy....
    Yeh, the tutorial is on hold till i finish the re-build.
    "Is there midi implementation???....."
    Because the synth features lots of control systems, and that it
    was originaly designed as a standalone, means I never really looked at it with the plan to put in a Preset manager or
    full midi control of every parameter. Big job, X11 has about 1 million parts....will look at that area in the future.
    At the moment the focus is on the new re-build, pushing the new timing system throughout the whole synth, making sure it's accuracy is maintained.
    New system going great at the moment....you guys will love it. the first release of the re-build could be only a few weeks away. Then i will go back a re-build a few Sequencers.
    Then make a re-assessment.
    Thanks for having a go at it.
    Please report any bugs if you have the time...
    Any ideas.... always listening...
    Any "particular" thing you really need midi control for???
    let me now....now is a good time to make requests....

  5. Thx for the answers.
    Too be honest, I gave up on it because I could only record the audio and not saving presets.
    I still like it and I will try it again when you can save presets. Your synth has a lot of possibilities and a nice and creative gUI.
    I'm curious where you go with it.

  6. If your using the on-board seqs..you have to record audio..then work the track into your song. To record midi..you got to use the host seq..or while in host/user mode..just play it like a normal synth from your k/board and hit record.

  7. I use the onboard seq but I have to start all over again everytime I quit my DAW. One can record the audio but that limits me in for example: automation.

    That was also the reason why I asked for midi implementation because I use the automationsystem of my DAW cubase5, but it does not recognise the parameters of the synth. The only parameter shown was "osc port on off"

    1. Host automation is a popular request. If not the X11..definatly the next one.

  8. I would like midi assignment for the osc section and tje envellopes and the filter parameters would be nice too.