Saturday, November 2, 2013

X11 Updated to 2.10

* Tempo automation was out of time...Fixed
* Noise Osc Ticker Send not routed properly.. Fixed
* PM Mod was 1 step out of time..Fixed
* Delay Mod was 1 step out of time..Fixed


  1. Hi BIll,

    Just to get my background out ... Long time on Reaktor, some experience with Max/MSP and fairly recent a FlowStoner :-)

    To get my hands dirty with it (SynthMaker), I am planing to re-implement as much as possible of X11 in Reaktor and possibly in Max; also by keeping a log on the conversion to write a comparison of this visual dev. tools!

    If you have any experience with either Reaktor, Max or both could you comment on this task I consider starting? Or share any experience whatsoever on similar activities!

    Towards full disclosure, my main venue is CS (Comp. Science) and EM (Electronic Music) is just one of my hobbies ... and by looking at your profile (being a Chef) it looks like we share a similar approach!


  2. ... and keeping the EM context, I should say that I used to be a avid tracker in my youth and currently I'm playing with SunVox mainly and sometimes reRISIT (a VSTi too)

  3. Hi Dan,
    Re-creating X11 inside Reakor sounds real interesting.
    I had a go at reaktor a few years back, and some of those
    instruments in there inspired me to create the I'd be
    really interested to see what you come up with.
    But I dont currently own can't really contribute
    But still I would be happy to help in any way....