Saturday, October 26, 2013

X11 Updated to 2.09

* New timer installed to fix rise in CPU usage.
* Clock start/finish controls fixed. These are now built in to the timer,
   and give accurate results, so if you set a section to loop, the loop
   will be accurate.
  Also at clock finish, it will always restart at 1, and not 0, avoiding that
  'zero' part where nothing is happening.
* Ticker send for Wave Osc 'wave' Selection fixed.
* Ticker send for Wave Osc Vol fixed.

* Another bug found in pre-set system. One connection was doubled,
  causing some wrong values to go into preset system.
  If you are running previous version, these wrong values will be in the
  X11 data folder, and when you install the 2.09 update, naturally the X11
  will load those "wrong values" back in.

So, before installing the 2.09 update, either..
A:  delete 'triggers.txt' from the X11 data Folder...or
B:  just delete X11 data Folder

    Sorry if you loose any great presets in the process.....
    Preset system still in a type of 'beta' stage..but running with no issues now.

   Development of the X11 is at its last stages.....

   Only one more update planned....mostly graphics related...

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