Thursday, October 10, 2013


* Preset System fixed.

The fix was in the heart of the preset system, so.....
The 2.06 "X11Data" folder is obsolete, as this is a 'new' system.
If you have a "X11Data" Folder, delete it before install.)
Note: This is a 'one-off' request...In future, the "X11Data" Folder is not to be
deleted as it holds all your saved data.
The X11 will automatically load any data found in the X11Data Folder,
so, to be on the safe side,  it's better the 2.06 X11data folder be deleted,
as the system is slightly different.
* I created about a dozen quick presets, they are nore like small 'tutorials'..
  where the preset will have only  a few things on, so new users can see
 how individual parts of the synth work.
  * If in "host/user" mode, and you switch to other Seq's, all on/off
switch's are turned off, as this is the default for the other seq's.
So your current preset will diss-appear. It's not a bug.  If needed,
get your preset back be re-selecting it in the main index (or list).
 * The following is not possible..
Saving a preset in host/user mode, with any of the 4 Mods routed
to Port or Gate. X11 will turn the mod off, and leave the Port or
Gate Modules in the synth 'ON' instead.
While this can't be saved in host/user can still be used....    

*THE Sub Preset System:

  What does that really mean...???
  The whole Preset System can be controlled in sections...
Throughout the synth, you will find small up/down selectors like these..
Sub_Preset selectors
These allow you to mix-up your presets and
easily create new ones.
To create with it, select the Program number you
wish to save at, in the "Master Preset Module".
Then flick through the sub-presetselectors and hit
 save when done. Everything will now be saved at
 the program number that was selected.


* Added into the master Preset module is a button called "R".
   It will give you a random title for the preset if your stuck.

 * Matrix Shifter/Randomization
* Using the knob will shift the whole matrix array...
* The Button will give a random array shift...
This is something I've always wanted, because the current
"Random triggers" always fills the trigger up too much...
Hit it, and the matrix is always 70% + full up...
So the shift can be seen as a different form of random,
 where no new triggers are created, it's just shifting what's already there.
So If you use "shift" to randomize a sparse arrangement..
you will get back a  sparse arrangement..


* Kill/Re-load triggers button behavior fixed .

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